Meshtastic Map

Created by Liam Cottle

👋 Welcome to my open source map of Meshtastic nodes heard on the public MQTT server.
  • The map shows nodes that have sent a valid position to MQTT.
  • Position packets must be unencrypted, or encrypted with the default key.
  • Use the search bar to find nodes by ID or name.
  • Hover over nodes (on desktop) to see basic details.
  • Click a node to see info such as telemetry graphs and traceroutes.
  • Use the top right layers panel to show neighbours and waypoints.
  • Use the settings button to configure the map to your liking.
  • Have a feature request, or found a bug? Open an issue on GitHub.
How do I add my node to the map?
Your node, or a node that hears your node must uplink to MQTT.
Your position packet must be unencrypted, or encrypted with the default key.
How do I remove my node from the map?
Nodes that have not been heard for 7 days are automatically removed.
Disable position reporting in your node to prevent it coming back.
Use custom encryption keys so the public can't see your position data.
How do I see neighbours a node heard?
Open the top right layers panel and enable neighbours.
Some neighbours are from MQTT, this is patched in latest firmware.
This project is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Meshtastic project.
The Meshtastic logo is the trademark of Meshtastic LLC.
Map tiles provided by OpenStreetMap